I’m angry. My state legislature has been bought off and has decided it’s cool to poison our water supply and ruin our environment. This isn’t a conservative idea, though the people supporting fracking in our state will try to say they are conservatives. Nope. Now our tax dollars are going to pay for the state to do mineral testing to make way for fracking companies. {Citizen-Times ARTICLE HERE} You know, because we can afford to make everyone pay for billion dollar industries’ prep work, owing to how we cut funding for mental healthcare {Save Wright School Page} and Medicaid and school funding and teacher’s salaries {WRAL ARTICLE HERE}, teacher’s aids, textbooks, and so many other needed services for citizens in our state, including veterans (which is a whole other thing I’m angry about. We have so many veterans who are being thrown under the truck by the same legislature that tries to pass itself off as pro-military at election times.)

So, before it’s a felony to do so {Bill Moyers ARTICLE HERE), I’m directing you to take note of a few of the chemicals used in fracking, chemicals that will end up in the water supply, in our rivers and lakes and streams, not to mention the natural gas itself that leaks into many wells in fracked areas, leading to flammable tap water {WALB ARTICLE HERE}. For more exhaustive lists, check out this chemical disclosure site {FracFocus ARTICLE HERE} and another from Wikipedia {ARTICLE HERE}.

Some of my least favorite fracking chemicals:

  • Lead
  • Acetone
  • Kerosene
  • Naphthalene
  • Methanol
  • Sorbitol

Usually I would just write about my family and writing here, but my family is threatened right now by a state legislature given over to corporate interests, masquerading as conservatism. I can’t get out to the Moral Monday gatherings this summer, but I can add my voice to those who wish to keep our state healthy and her parks beautiful.