The rest of the world refuses to comply with my preference for six months notice for any major events. Last time I tried to take a week off, lo and behold, I had a bunch of work come down the line – an article, a sale to prepare for, new music to learn, and something else that seemed huge at the time but is already forgotten. This week, with preparations under way for two concerts next week AND preparing for my eagerly anticipated reading at my local Barnes & Noble AND planning the first couple of months of my son’s kindergarten year of homeschool, rest has been vital. When this week’s scheduled interview had a glitch, I just sighed and gave in. I needed to take the week off. I wrote a little this week, just about 750 words to fix a plot hole, and I problem solved for the second half of the book. But my manuscript is sitting quietly with its 153 pages, waiting till next weekend, when the satisfying concerts buoy my spirits and my calendar clears.

Happened upon this display when I took my little ones to the bookstore today!

Happened upon this display when I took my little ones to the bookstore today!

Having good work to do is a gift, one for which I am grateful all day. But sleep and rest are also gifts, ones that I have a hard time remembering to accept.

I led a spiritual gifts workshop at my church several years ago that had people draw pictures in response to prompts. One woman showed her picture of a sleeping person. If she had an hour to do anything at all, it would be sleep. Was that from God?, she wondered. I knew her to be the mother of three, two of whom were toddler twins. I told her that yes, that sounded about right. God gives his beloved sleep. It’s definitely a gift!

Those words came back to me this week, and I was glad of them. Rest is good. Rest is a gift. Lord, help us find ways to accept it!