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I set up a shrine display at Fullsteam with items representative of Can’t Buy Me Love.

The launch party at Fullsteam Brewery on Sunday was loads of fun! Thank you to everyone who came out.

Next to the signing table, I set up a little shrine to the book. Making a shrine with her family of friends is a major turning point for Vanessa, the main character of Can’t Buy Me Love. I included elements from the book in the arrangement: bright fabrics such as those she uses to sew aprons, the real life version of the Banjopera luchadora mask described in the book, a cup of free St. Raphael santos (patron saint of healing and matchmaking), bright flowers in a ruby red vase, our friend Glow in the Dark Jesus, a TARDIS to represent nerdy Percy, and a shrine backdrop with images and descriptions. (I love the working dials in the background! If you look closely at my banner, you’ll see that I had my head shots made there, too!)

Mark your calendars if you missed the launch party! My next author appearance is scheduled for August 15 at 7:30pm at the Streets of Southpoint Barnes & Noble in Durham. I plan to read from a very fun scene in the book, where there will probably be opera!

This weekend, the book was featured in a few places around the web. Check them out for free excerpts or fun descriptions:

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The Bloggess Weekly Wrap-up Sponsorship (Read her summary, which is the BEST description of the book you could get.)

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If you have not had a chance to pick up a copy of Can’t Buy Me Love, you may find it at these local and online vendors:

Bean Traders Coffee (Where I wrote the book!)

Barnes & Noble




Or, if you know me in person, ask if I have a copy on me to sign for you.

Reading from a climactic scene, with an outburst of song!

Reading from a climactic scene, with an outburst of song!

****If you purchased an ebook copy of Can’t Buy Me Love over the weekend, there may have been missing text. The issue has been resolved. Refresh or reload your copy, and the corrected version should appear! ****

child in lucha libre mask

One of my youngest fans tried on the luchadora mask!